Portfolio Weighting Machine Platform

Neither PortfolioWeighting.com nor its Portfolio Weighting Machineā„¢ provides investment advice. We do offer a web-based portfolio analytic tool that allows students, educators, corporate officers, stock analysts, and investors to study, test, and simulate how various weighting methods impact a portfolio of common stocks. We offer a way whereby the portfolio manager can weight holdings based on different financial or operating metrics to see how the stock weightings change and how those changes impact the portfolio.

Underlying Programmatic Method

The user selects which of the weighting modules he wishes to use. For example, he may select all of any combination of our embedded modules, namely:

  • Equal-weight
  • Market capitalization
  • Price/Earnings Ratio
  • Price/Book Ratio
  • Price/Sales Ratio
  • Price/Operating Cash Flow Ratio
  • Profit Margin
  • Return on Equity
  • Return on Assets

The driver of the program is the user's Interactive Portfolio, the portfolio that he can change as to stocks, number of shares, and total market portfolio value. After entering the portfolio stocks, instantly, there are nine other portfolios displayed weighted by using different valuation methods. He can then study the data and decide to increase or decrease the portfolio weights of various stocks. Also, the program provides a Super Module view which is a quantitative blend of all his selected weighting modules. And, if users wish, they can create custom weighting modules reflecting other portfolio weighting methods.

After building the Interactive Portfolio the user can then share the program output via direct URL links or iframe links. Also, there are portfolio reports that summarize the various portfolios.

It will become clear that the program is strictly programmatic and quantitative. If Company A is twice as attractive as Company B, then Company A will be weighted twice as heavily as Company B.

To synthesize and display each company's relative weighting attractiveness using each weighting module, the program has a tab named "Relative Weighting Attractiveness" which breaks down how each company performs in each weighting module. The result is an overall ranking of the companies by simple numeric rank but also by percentile ranking. This tab may be of interest to the CFO offices since companies can construct proprietary portfolios of their own company's stock and the company's competitors and thereby see how the market is valuing each company's relative performance on those metrics. In general, advisers and analysts can use the program to better understand the underlying companies' relative performance vs. selected quantitative measurements.

Subscription Options

Regular Subscription:
$300 per month
Full-function access including no limits on number of stocks or portfolios
Super Module Display
Relative Attractiveness Report
Custom Weighting Modules
Insertion Function from Module to Interactive Portfolio
Share features including URL and iframe links
Portfolio Metrics Report
Various sorting and ranking portfolio features